Modulos prefabricados: modular buildings

Modular offices

MÓDULOS ARCO offers modular offices that enable the commercial development of its customers

Industrial Offices

These offices offer logistic and production control solutions , they are manufactured and ensamblded in a short period of time.

Portable cabins

Robust prefabricated portable cabins formed by longitudinal and crossed transverse profiles joined together. Walls and roofs formed by lacquered galvanized steel sandwich panels with poliurethane soul.

Site offices

We offer prefabricated offices, up to three floors, fully equipped for the suitable activity development.

Service Areas

Our service areas , formed by prefabricated modular units, offer all amenities for future guests.

Prefabricated homes

The ARCO´s modular housing main characteristic is the continous productios procces, thats reduces costs considerably and delivery times.

Modular Labor Camps

These modular labor camps are designed with everything you need to comfortably host the workers so they can carry out their activities in a optimum way. The ease transport of these modules, disassembled in Kit form, allows them to be located in areas of difficult access.

Sports Installations

Our sport centres made from modular prefabricated units, enable us to offer high quality proyects, in a short period of time.


Módulos Arco offers different public services buildings, fully provided for any activity.