Prefabricated constructions

MODULOS ARCO makes its prefabricated constructions, assembling its prefabricated modules to obtain completely finished prefabricated buildings with inside and outside finishes similar to those of traditional constructions.

Floors may be wood, PVC, concrete, ceramic, etc., and walls and roof with heat-insulated panels, glass, aluminium, wood or any other kind of conventional enclosure. Thanks to their design, these kind of constructions can be assembled quickly and easily. Modular constructions are the best alternative compared with traditional constructions. MODULOS ARCO offers modular constructions that can be installed in places that present difficult access and complicated logistics, because they can be transported in the form of kits and can be quickly erected at their final site.

MODULOS ARCO, can offer its clients a "turnkey" project executed in a short space of time, delivering their prefabricated construction complete with all its installations fully assembled and operating (water, toilets, electricity, carpentry, air conditioning, home automation, etc.) for a modular building ready for use and profitable in a short space of time and always respecting the terms fixed with the client.


Service Areas

ARCO SOLUCIONES & DISEÑOS offers modular “turnkey” constructions that cover all the complementary facilities of service areas including the commercial shop, the pay booth, the car wash booths, shelters, etc.  All these prefabricated constructions are designed to meet the permanent […]

Sports Installations

Our sport centres made from modular prefabricated units, enable us to offer high quality proyects, in a short period of time.

Modular constructions

MÓDULOS ARCO counts on proffessionals with years of experience in the field of modular buildings.


Modular offices

MÓDULOS ARCO offers modular offices that enable the commercial development of its customers


Agricultural and livestock installations

We have developed many agricultural centers, both nationally and abroad. Prefabricated agricultural centers, have distinct advantages, such as easy transport.


Módulos Arco offers different public services buildings, fully provided for any activity.

Prefabricated schools

Our modular schools meet all safety and quality standards, with a wide range of aesthethical endings.

Exhibiter Modules

The exhibiter portable cabins are an ideal solution for your commercial bussines development.

Prefabricated classrooms

We offer high quality prefabricated classrooms.

Prefabricated schools and classrooms

Our modular nurseries present imaginative solutions, and are fully equipped and customized.

Prefabricated changing rooms

Modular locker rooms allow you to develope your proyect according to existing installations without neglecting the dimension of the architectural environment.

Site offices

We offer prefabricated offices, up to three floors, fully equipped for the suitable activity development.

Industrial Offices

These offices offer logistic and production control solutions , they are manufactured and ensamblded in a short period of time.

Security gatehouses

MÓDULOS ARCO can give you advice and design any project related with your prefabricated security and control gatehouses. It has a wide range of high quality modular guard and control cabins  with different types of finishes, for all kinds of enterprises […]

Modular laboratories

Laboratories with everything needed to perform research tasks, meeting all required standars.