Waste warehouses

MÓDULOS ARCO manufactures containers for storage of materials, in any size

Electrical containers

We manufacture and modify containers for electrical installations, both wind and solar. These electric containers are very useful for companies dedicated to the renewable energy sector.

Modular storage buildings

Our storage buildings are the best solution for the storage of equipment and any kind of material. This modular storage buildings are can be completely customized if ir is requested, adapting measures to our clients requirements.

Site Cabins

The different site cabins types offered by Modulos Arco will help you in storage tools duties and in workers hosting if requested, since they can be equipped with everything you need for it.

Triage Huts

The specialized product range of MÓDULOS ARCO incorporates the design and construction of triage huts and selection for all kinds of materials, adapted to the client’s infrastructure and equipment.

Diaphanous Site Cabins Data Sheet

We have different models of standard diaphanous work stands

Sanitary site cabins technical data sheets

Our sanitary work cabins have all the necessary plumbing installation.

Prefabricated modules

Robust prefabricated portable cabins formed by longitudinal and crossed transverse profiles joined together. Walls and roofs formed by lacquered galvanized steel sandwich panels with poliurethane soul.

Prefabricated constructions

MODULOS ARCO makes its prefabricated constructions, assembling its prefabricated modules to obtain completely finished prefabricated buildings with inside and outside finishes similar to those of traditional constructions. Floors may be wood, PVC, concrete, ceramic, etc., and walls and roof with heat-insulated panels, glass, aluminium, wood or any other kind of conventional enclosure.

Prefabricated homes

The ARCO´s modular housing main characteristic is the continous productios procces, thats reduces costs considerably and delivery times.

Demountable industrial bays

Our demountable warehouses, formed by lightweight metallic structures, can be produced and built in a short period of time, lowering costs.

Modular Labor Camps

These modular labor camps are designed with everything you need to comfortably host the workers so they can carry out their activities in a optimum way. The ease transport of these modules, disassembled in Kit form, allows them to be located in areas of difficult access.

Prefabricated module kit

The disassembled prefabricated modular units, are designed to optimize and facilitate transport duties, mainly for export proyects. Modular units will be assembled at destiny, with the same robustness as in factory.

Mobile Units

For projects that require constant changes of location, easy transport is indispensable. Our mobile units solve this kind of problem, always with the highest standards of safety, quality, and comfort.

Solar inverter cabins

Due to the expansion and development of this type of renewable energy, Modules Arco has developed equipped modules for its correct use and management.